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This is a page dedicated to all the Pontiac Power visitors. The purpose of this page is to display all the great Pontiacs out there. I believe that if you own a Pontiac you also hold the responsibility to share your fortune with others! If you send me a couple of pictures of your ride, I'll park it in the Pontiac parking lot. Don't worry, I drive carefully;-)


Send me some general information on the vehicle and I'll include some key words in the subtitle on the pictures. See the examples below.


P.S: I'm happy to display Pontiac projects as well!


Looking forward to seeing YOUR Pontiac!




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25. Des: Check out Stian Dahls -73 Formula!







                   Kenneth W. Brandseggs -67 Firebird 400                                            Gjermund Jansens -79 Trans Am                                      Knut Einarsens -78 Gold Ed. Trans Am







                           Knut Einarsens -73 Trans Am 455                                              Knut Einarsens -78 Trans Am                                            Tommy Leonhardsens -73 Formula 400 







                        Tommy Leonhardsens -76 Trans Am                                      Svein Tore Hermansens -70 Trans Am                                        Alf Vidar Eckholdts -73 Trans Am 455 







                          Alf Vidar Eckholdts -79 Trans Am                                                      Ari Ärväs' -64 Grand Prix                                                          Ari Ärväs' -76 Trans Am







                      Odd Pontiac Larsens -70 GTO                            Odd Pontiac Larsens -71 Le Mans                       Kim Andre Larsens -75 Firebird






                 Bjørn Lauritsens -67 Firebird                       Bjørn A. Engelschiøns -78 Trans Am                     Kim A. Larsens -68 Firebird project






                 Per Sundsdals -80 Trans Am                             Bjørnar Filtvedts -68 Firebird                              Sigmund Andersens -68 GTO     






               Vegard Homlongs -70 Formula                         Bjørn-F. Falkenbergs -67 Firebird                       Tor-Brede Rognlids -77 Trans Am






            Anniken Thorkildsens -77 Trans Am                           Helge Selands -71 Trans Am                           Roger Ronnheims -68 Firebird   






                Roger Ronnheims -70 Firebird                             Rikard Larsons -76 Trans Am                              Rikard Larsons -72 Formula        







                 Frank Stølans -77 Trans Am                             Oddgeir Finserås -73 Trans Am                          Knut Torgersens -81 Trans Am  






                    Knut Torgersens -69 GTO                             Thomas Nettelands -70 Formula                        Roar Tomassens -71 Trans Am   






             NEW! Stian Dahls -73 Formula                           DISPLAY YOUR CAR HERE!             DISPLAY YOUR CAR HERE!







More pictures? Click on this text to go to the Pontiac gallery for more pictures of each car!   



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